How much is shipping?

All sales within the US are shipped in our 100% recycled/100% compostable mailers for free! For international orders please contact me for prices.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I'm happy to exchange unworn pieces for a better fit or if you find a flaw. I ask that you pay to have it shipped back to me and I'll cover shipping of the new piece. Send me a message to get the ball rolling.

What materials do you use? 

I love using fabrics with 95% or more natural fibers. They feel nice, they breathe and are washable, and they are better for the environment since natural fibers are biodegradeable. 

Do you sew everything yourself?

Not anymore! I started my business by sewing every single piece myself, but I now contract with a sewist here in Chicago. I still draft & grade all of the patterns, cut the fabric, and handle all of the marketing. I'm very busy! 

Can I come to your studio?

Please contact me to make an appointment! I'd love to meet with you, if you promise to ignore the mess!

What does the name mean?

When I was in college, my boyfriend and I ate psychedelic mushrooms (just once mom--I swear!) and I emphatically named myself Wulfka. My boyfriend insisted that it was my spirit name and got it tattooed on his arm. I married that man, and years later when it was time to name my business, he reminded me of that transcendent moment. It was perfect. I think "Wulfka" sounds fierce & feminine, just like my customers.

Do you do custom work?

No, not really! I'm happy to hem Wulfka pieces and make slight alterations, but I don't have time for fully custom work.