PIVOT: we're going season-less!

PIVOT: we're going season-less!
Since I started Wuflka I've put out two collections every year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Ideally I would have the collection ready six months before release, I could show to wholesale buyers, take their orders, and have some months to produce. This is the normal fashion industry schedule.

This schedule has never worked for me. Mostly because I've never had a collection ready on time in my life. And most of my wholesale accounts are small boutiques who aren't buying six months ahead of time, but prefer to buy "immediates." 

I'd often add pieces to a collection last-minute because I thought I needed more products, and invariably those pieces sold the worst! In Fall 2021 I realized I needed a cardigan, but the collection was already out so I waited until 2022. And they sold great, and I missed out on those 2021 sales. See what I mean?

So I'm going seasonless! I'll put out small drops of new styles as it feels right and as I design things that I love. I had so much fun with my natural dye pieces that I want to continue putting out small runs of really special things. And if something else is selling well I won't have to kill it at the end of its season! 

The first spring pieces are on my cutting table and in my sewist's queue! Stay tuned!